Car Repair and Vehicle Maintenance

At Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas most auto repairs can be done on the spot where ever your car is parked. We are thrilled to make the process of your auto repair that much easier. We have several experienced mechanics ready to go throughout the day so that we can get out to you quickly and take care of your car.
Are you stuck on the side of the road? Car won’t start? Maybe you are at home and know what’s wrong with your vehicle. Maybe you need a mechanical or electrical diagnostic. Either way, you can call us for a free estimate and have a mobile technician meet you where you are.

No more paying for a tow truck. No more waiting in a smelly mechanic shop. No more calling a cab or a friend to pick you up and take you back to the auto-repair shop. Why would you now that you know about our service? We beat most shop prices as well as adding tremendous convenience. We offer the same warranty on both parts and labor as the other guys and make it easy on you. Just call today and find out for yourself why our customers love us. (702) 997-5999

Diesel Truck Repair

white semi truck with its hood upWe do repairs on diesel as well. Do you have a big rig that is broke down while driving to make a delivery? Do you have a Ford F350, a Chevy, GMC or a Ram diesel and are having a hard time finding a great mobile diesel mechanic? Well you have come to the right place. Mobile Mechanic Las Vegas NV works on all types of diesel engines from Mercedes cars, to big rig tractors. So if you are an individual driver making a run or you own a fleet of trucks, call us first to get you back on the road fast.
We work on Mack, Peterbuilt, Freightliner, Volvo, Cat, International, Cummins, and Kenworth to name a few. If your hauler or truck isn’t on this list, give us a call anyway. There is a good chance we can help.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

technician with clipboard inspecting a carIf you are thinking of buying a used vehicle it is important to check it thoroughly before you invest a large sum into actually buying. It is great if you know certain things that you can check off before investing, but often the emotion of buying a new to you car or truck can cause people to overlook some serious issues. Also, unless you are a professional mechanic, you probably aren’t as familiar with all the moving parts of each and every vehicle that you might be looking at. Have one of our professional mechanics come do an used car inspection for you. We will check things like the lights,windows, gauges, but we will also get under the car and look at things like brake lines. We will drive the vehicle to see if it pulls left or right, or makes any funny/concerning sounds. If it surges at certain speeds, if the transmission hesitates when it shifts, and much more. We will look under the hood and check out what is going on in the engine. Depending on what we find, we can recommend buying, not buying or a better place to negotiate from. We often save our customers well over the price of the inspection and many car sellers have turned around and hired us to inspect the next vehicle they are buying.

We can meet you at a car dealer or at a private residence, or check out a car for you from across the country.

Call us today to schedule a used car pre-purchase inspection before you invest your money. (702) 997-5999

We inspect all makes of cars, trucks, and vans, even diesels and RVs.

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